Evo Labs 7" Android Tablet

This small and compact tablet packs a big punch. Compact and light it's easy to carry around without looking obtrusive. The first thing you notice is how accurate the screen touch is. Anyone who currently owns a smart phone will be at ease with the user-friendly interface, which is very intuitive. Connecting to the internet is as easy as searching for a WiFi signal and accepting the connection.

Once connected the apps store is a single click and web pages can be viewed in full size. The tablet will automatically change the view depending on which way up you hold it. Clicking the search bar will bring up an on-screen keyboard for easy input.

The screen is clear and well defined and all your favourite short cuts can be stored on 4 pages, which are accessible by a simple slide of the finger. The camera takes good quality images with a few edit functions built-in. The Mid7 also comes with a screen capture facility.

For those who want to do a little more, the tablet offers a full 'File Browser' function, allowing access to all the files stored on the tablet. The build quality is second to none and of higher quality when compared to other sub 200 tablets.